Myth of the 20th Century - Episode 77 - Ivory Tower - White Slavery

July 5, 2018

Slavery – the ‘original sin’ of America. Considering how the United States was founded on a frontier and worked for its immense agricultural and material wealth by poor immigrants, securing this labor pool on a vast scale, at low cost, and in a rapid scramble to secure territory from other ambitious competitors – slavery indeed seems a predictable outcome. But how sinful is the practice when considering the global nature of slavery throughout history? And if it is sinful, then why is the practice of white slavery almost never mentioned in the modern mainstream academic and media circles, whereas African slavery get almost exclusive attention? Today we explore these questions with author James LaFond, who has spent countless hours researching this subject with original archival sources, meticulous documentation of first hand accounts of children captured in the middle of the night in places as far north as Scotland, and in fact is descended from people who were brought over to the original colonies to work with no land to their name and no right to own it for an extended period – violations for which they could be severely beaten, or even killed.

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